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This will only hurt for a second 

This will only hurt for a second delves into the transformative potential of softness in reclaiming body autonomy. Reimagined soft sculptures replace traditional medical tools, subverting established medical environments' cold and sterile nature.


The work invites you to consider how our medical environments emphasise sterility and detachment and the impact that has on us long after we have left these spaces. It underscores the importance of nurturing environments that prioritise comfort, empathy, and intimacy. The soft sculptures become symbols of resistance against the dehumanising aspects of medical treatment, advocating for a more compassionate approach that honours both our emotional and physical needs. Ultimately, they challenge us to rethink our understanding of medical care and to recognise the significance of touch and connection.

Installation view, Outer Space Gallery, 2023. 

Photography: Louis Lim 

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