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Out of Order

Curator: Amy Claire Mills 

Participating Artists: Eugenie Lee, Bailee Lobb, Digby Webster, M. Sunflower, Josie Young, Ohni Blu, Chronically Fully Sick, Prue Stevenson, Bruno Booth & Amy Claire Mills

Being Disabled/Chronically Ill is an incredibly complex experience; you have to navigate a world that wasn’t built for you. Ablest structures are deeply entrenched across our society, and being denied access is the everyday lived experience of being disabled.  


Reframing the narrative and subverting the traditional expectations of what disability should look like, this exhibition seeks to hold nothing back—creating an interactive transformative space that incorporates the sensations of both comfort and adventure. Bringing together stories from across the disability spectrum disrupting and recreating a new accessible reality. A reminder this will be an ableism-free zone where we value community, connection and vulnerability.

Installation view, Granville Centre Art Gallery 

Photography: Document Photography & Opn.Src

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