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Must be rich to apply

Must Be Rich to Apply confronts the intersection between disability and poverty. This correlation of experiences faced by the disabled community is not often discussed, typically because it is associated with stigma and shame. There have been times throughout my life when I've had to choose between food and medications, cancel doctors' appointments because of the expense or be let go from jobs because of my disability. This conversation is very complex, and there are so many layers of financial burden that the disabled community faces. Differing sentiments are sewn onto a symbol of wealth: the piggybank. Emphasising the growing gap of wealth inequality. But the reality is that about 3 million people in Australia live in poverty, and around 40% have a disability. Productivity doesn't equal worth, and accessing social security pathways doesn't mean you're a burden! This should never be met with shame! 

Exhibition: A link, a loop, a circle. Granville Centre Art Gallery, 2022​

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